Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Basse


Basse, Alexander
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Wilhelmshöher Allee 73
34121 Kassel
WA-altes Gebäude (WA 73), ohne Raumangabe


The focus of my work lies in the investigation and development of measurement strategies for the optimized determination of the long-term wind potential in site assessment for wind farms. Main topics are the improvement of the vertical extrapolation of wind speed using short-term lidar measurements as well as the long-term correction of short-term wind measurements.
Besides a reduction of the measurement time, the reduction of uncertainties is an essential goal of the analyses.


Development of a Lidar- and AI-supported method for large-scale measurement of the wind field inside and outside offshore wind farms (WINDOW)

06/2021 - 05/2024

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hoffmann, Clemens
Dr. Callies, Doron; Dr. rer. nat. Basse, Alexander; Dr. Wiemer, Martin; Hildebrand, Tabea

Sub­pro­ject: De­ve­lop­ment and test of me­thods for the ge­ne­ra­ti­on of a li­dar- and AI-sup­por­ted wind field on the ba­sis of mea­su­red da­ta


2021Basse, A., Callies, D., Groetzner, A., & Pauscher, L. (2021). Seasonal effects in the long-term correction of short-term wind measurements using reanalysis data. Wind Energy Science, 6, 1473–1490. https://doi.org/10.5194/wes-6-1473-2021
2020Basse, A., Pauscher, L., & Callies, D. (2020). Improving Vertical Wind Speed Extrapolation Using Short-Term Lidar Measurements. Remote Sensing, 12(7), 1091. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs12071091
2018Basse, A., Callies, D., & Groetzner, A. (2018). Ergebnisbericht zum Round Robin Test “Langzeitkorrektur von Kurzzeitwindmessungen.” Retrieved from https://publica.fraunhofer.de/eprints/urn_nbn_de_0011-n-5200774.pdf
2017Basse, A., Callies, D., & Hahn, B. (2017). Windmessungen und Windgutachten für die Standortbewertung von Windenergieanlagen an Land: Methoden und Analyse. (DFBEW (Deutsch-französisches Büro für die Energiewende), Ed.). Retrieved from https://energie-fr-de.eu/de/windenergie/nachrichten/leser/hintergrundpapier-zu-windmessungen-und-windgutachten-fuer-die-standortbewertung-von-wea.html?file=files/ofaenr/04-notes-de-synthese/02-acces-libre/01-energie-eoliennne/170927_IWES_Windertragsprognosen_Methode_Analyse_DFBEW.pdf


06/2019Improving vertical wind speed extrapolation using short-term lidar measurements
Basse, Alexander
Wind Energy Science Conference 2019
Cork, Irland

Curriculum Vitae

since 09/2017Research associate at the University of Kassel, Department Integrated Energy Systems
2017Research associate at Fraunhofer IWES Kassel (now Fraunhofer IEE)
2014-2017Studies of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (M.Sc.) at the University of Kassel  
    Master thesis: „Analysis of Measurement Strategies for Vertical Extrapolation of Wind Speed Using LiDAR and Mast Measurements“ at Fraunhofer IWES Kassel (now Fraunhofer IEE)
2011 – 2014Studies of Physics (B.Sc.) at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg