06/29/2022 | Intelligente Eingebettete Systeme

Beam Time at European XFEL in Ham­burg

Bild des FELs bei Nacht

As part of the BMBF project SpeAR_XFEL, we have got the chance to perform a measurement campaign at the free-electron laser European XFEL in Hamburg. The cooperation partners Wolfram Helml from TU Dortmund and Markus Ilchen from DESY were in charge of this project. The goal of the measurement campaign was to demonstrate the concept of angular streaming, which had initially been tested at the LCLS (Linac Coherent Light Source), at the world's largest and fastest linear accelerator and to enable a resolution of the pulses characteristics in the low femtosecond range.

IES staff, including Kristina Dingel, Thorsten Otto, Ruda Hindrikson, David Meier, and Simon Schott, supported the pulse characterization using neural networks on site, both in online and offline mode.