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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region (REMENA)

In the Middle East and North Africa, the so-called MENA region, depleting fossil fuels, increasing energy costs and the growing energy demand call for a substantial change in the energy policy of the corresponding countries. Renewable energies and energy efficiency are the basis for a sustainable energy policy and render possible new ways for implemeting the Energiewende in the framework of international cooperations in Europe and, in particular, in Germany. These cooperations are typically carried out by companies and institutions in projects between Arab and German partners. For the projects, experts are needed who have skills and knowledge in both technology and economy, but also in language, society and politics in both the Arab and German cultures.  Currently, the huge potential of projects cannot be realized in view of missing experts and graduates from corresponding Master programs.

The objective of the international Master of Science (M.Sc.) program REMENA is to educate German and international students in measures for a sustainable energy sector where the students are expected to have working experience in a corresponding area and hold a Bachelor degree. The latter can be obtained in different disciplines, e.g. law, economic, social, engineering or natural sciences. While the program contents focus on the cooperation between countries in the MENA region and Germany, applicants can be accepted for the REMENA program independently of their nationality.

The study of renewable energies and energy efficiency requires intensive studies of different theoretic and practical topics in technology, economy, law and intercultural affairs. The REMENA graduates will be experts in different disciplines for future projects in the energy sector with a special focus on the cooperation with countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The REMENA program will be conducted at different places. It comprises lectures, seminars, practical training and excursions during one semester (6 months) at the Cairo University in Egypt and/or the University of Monastir in Tunisia, one semester (6 months) at the University of Kassel in Germany and a possible exchange semester at the University of Sfax in Tunisia. The master thesis project (6 months) is to be done in Germany, the MENA region, etc. preferably in companies or institutions dealing, e.g., with wind parks and photovoltaics for power generation, with building insulation  or energy economics. The overall duration of the program is 24 months. The program can be started either in March (summer term) in Kassel or in September (winter term) in Cairo or Monastir. Upon successful graduation the student will be granted a Master of Science (M.Sc.) double degree from the University of Kassel and the Cairo University or the University of Monastir.

If you want to

  • study renewable energies and energy efficiency in an international and intercultural context,
  • combine it with curriculum being taught completely in English with complementary language courses in German and Arabic and
  • continue your professional future in the area of sustainable usage of renewable energies and energy efficiency

apply here electronically. We are looking forward to receiving your application, welcome to REMENA!