Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The Master program "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region (REMENA)" is directed to young professionals with practical experience and a high motivation to contribute to introducing a sustainable energy supply and to the development in the Arab region in general, which includes a keen interest in the culture and language. The participants should aspire to make a career in the international energy sector. 

Minimum requirements are:

  • a bachelor degree in engineering, natural sciences, economics or social sciences
  • practical experience (internships, vocational education, professional work, and others) preferably in the energy sector
  • high motivation
  • fluent in English.  

Graduation Requirements:
Prospective applicants for the REMENA master program are required to

  1. have successfully completed a bachelor's program or an equivalent degree in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or engineering or to hold an equivalent degree with an average mark on an international scale, or
  2. have successfully completed a bachelor's program or an equivalent degree in law, business sciences/economics or social sciences with an average mark on an international scale and has successfully passed modules in the field of mathematics, natural or engineering sciences.

Language Requirements
Evidence of very good knowledge of the English language to the level of B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR must be presented. This evidence is granted for applicants, if English is the mothertongue, or previous studies were completely conducted in English.

Visa Requirements
If you are accepted for the program, you have to organize different visa for your stay abroad. All people need a visa for the countries which are not their home country. The visa must cover the entire duration of the academic year and is a pre-condition for enrolment. For more information look at "Visa".


Requirements for Enrollment in Cairo:
Once admitted each student should submit the following documents:

  • B.Sc certificate certified and notarized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • birth certificate certified by the Egyptian embassy in the student home country or from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • six passport photos (size 4x6 cm2)
  • medical report, indicating freedom from HIV infection
  • approval of the student home country embassy in Egypt of the student’s enrollment in the program
  • certified copy of student passport
  • registration forms of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, properly filled in
  • declaration that the student will stay in Egypt during the course of studies according to the master program.

See the requirements also on the Cairo University website.

Financial Requirements:
To enroll to the master program the student has to pay

  • 10,000 Euro tuition fees and
    additional service fees at the universities each semester as follows:
  • around 85€ in Cairo
  • around 290€ in Kassel. This service fee must be paid for all semesters due to the fact that the students have to be permanently registered as students of the University of Kassel. 

Students need a notebook with a WLAN connection for their work during the REMENA program. A notebook can be obtained for a short period from the University of Kassel for free in case a student is lacking a computer.

The official German admission requirements can be found in paragraph 6 of the study regulations.