In­ter­na­tio­nal Mas­ter Pro­gram RE­ME­NA

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Re­ne­wa­ble En­er­gy and En­er­gy Ef­fi­ci­en­cy for the Midd­le East and North Af­ri­ca Re­gi­on (RE­ME­NA)

The objective of the international Master of Science (M.Sc.) program REMENA is to educate German and international students in measures for a sustainable energy sector where the students are expected to have working experience in a corresponding area and hold a Bachelor degree. The latter can be obtained in different disciplines, e.g. law, economic, social, engineering or natural sciences. While the program contents focus on the cooperation between countries in the MENA region and Germany, applicants can be accepted for the REMENA program independently of their nationality.

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double M.Sc. degree from two partner universities

living and learning in Germany and the MENA region

courses on advanced renewable energy and energy efficiency concepts and technologies

excursions to relevant institutions and companies

training in intercultural competencies

overall 24 months, 120 ECTS full-time program in English

program start in March in Kassel or in September in Cairo OR Monastir

one semester studies at Cairo University in Egypt AND/OR at the University of Monastir in Tunisia

one semester studies at the University of Kassel in Germany

possible exchange semester with a University of the REMENA university network (RUN)

6 months Master project with an institution or company in Germany, the MENA region, etc.