Communications Laboratory

The Communications Laboratory headed by Prof. Dahlhaus deals with different aspects in the physical layer (PHY) and the medium access control (MAC) of wireless and wired communication systems. The main emphasis is on signal processing schemes, mainly in broadband wireless systems.

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Introduction to Information Theory & Coding

Mobile Radio

Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation

Praktikum Signal├╝bertragung

Lab on Introduction to Information Theory und Coding

Simulation of Digital Communication Systems using MATLAB

Seminar on Signal Processing in Wireless Communications

and more lectures, labs, Bacherlor and Master thesis and projects for students

Teaching: Forward


cognitive radio

detection and estimation schemes in cell-free massive multiple-input multiple output (mMIMO) systems

adaptive schemes and coding in multicarrier orthogonal/non-orthogonal multiple access (OMA/NOMA) systems

mobile radio systems (long-term evolution (LTE), fifth-generation (5G), and sixth generation (6G))

machine learning

OSI cross-layer optimization

measuring and modelling of time-variant radio channels

implementation aspects of front-ends for broadband air interfaces

signal processing for medical applications (e.g. numerical modelling for radio frequency ablation).

Research: Forward