08/01/2022 | Intelligente Eingebettete Systeme

BMBF Pro­ject: TRANSALP ap­proved

The TRANSALP project (Time-Resolved ANgular Spectroscopy Applied to the Liquid Phase) was approved within the framework of ErUM-Pro of the BMBF with a duration of three years. This will further enhance the experience gained within the BMBF project SpeAR_XFEL and extend the angle-resolved spectrometer constructed for fast free-electron laser pulse characterization by a LiquidJet. The IES will again assist with AI-supported data analysis, but also with the optimization of the experiment procedure with the aid of intelligent algorithms.

In addition to IES, TRANSALP will be carried out jointly with the groups of Wolfram Helml (TU Dortmund), Markus Ilchen (DESY) and Arno Ehresmann (Uni Kassel).