Greeting by the patron Minister of State Tarek Al-Wazir

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Becoming independent of fossil and nuclear energy sources, generating our electricity, heat and motive power entirely from renewable sources, is a challenge that demands top technological performance from us. For this, we need young people who are spurred on and inspired by these tasks. Competitions such as the Hessen SolarCup are the best way to awaken the spirit of research at an early age, to spark creativity, to practice teamwork skills, and at the same time to convey scientific contexts in a practical way. 

Climate protection and the energy transition move many young people today. They want to make their contribution to shaping a sustainable future. The SolarCup competition shows them ways to do so. We would like to express our special thanks to all the organizers again this year.

Tarek Al-Wazir

Hessian Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing

Greetings on the occasion of the award ceremony 2021