AlMoTh 2014

Algorithmic Model Theory Meeting 2014

General Information

The AlMoTh 2014 meeting will take place at Universität Kassel on February 20 and February 21, 2014. Please be aware of the fact that we ask you to book your own accommodation; a list of hotels near the university is given below.

See this Google map for the location of the university, the restaurant for the workshop dinner and the hotels listed below.

Hopefully all relevant information about getting to and attending the workshop is assembled in this guide: AlMoTh2014.pdf


Thursday, 20/02/14, 13:40 - 18:30
Friday, 21/02/14, 9:00 - 13:00

List of Participants

Faried Abu Zaid, RWTH Aachen
Isolde Adler, Uni Frankfurt
Saeed Akhoondian Amiri, TU Berlin
Christoph Berkholz, RWTH Aachen
Julian Bitterlich, TU Darmstadt
Achim Blumensath, TU Darmstadt
Joachim Bremer, Uni Frankfurt
Florian Bruse, Uni Kassel
Christoph Burschka, Uni Frankfurt
Claudia Carapelle, Uni Leipzig
Anuj Dawar, Uni Cambridge
Christoph Dittmann, TU Berlin
Kord Eickmeyer, TU Darmstadt
Michael Elberfeld, RWTH Aachen
Viktor Engelmann, TU Berlin
Yves Fomatati, TU Darmstadt
Dominik Freydenberger, Uni Frankfurt

André Frochaux, Uni Frankfurt

Robert Ganian, Uni Wien

Gaetano Geck, TU Dortmund

Erich Grädel, RWTH Aachen
Martin Grohe, RWTH Aachen
Berit Grußien, HU Berlin
Frederik Harwath, Uni Frankfurt
Lucas Heimberg, Uni Frankfurt
Piotr Hofman, Uni Bayreuth
Norbert Hundeshagen, Uni Kassel

Milka Hutagalung, Uni Kassel
Ahmet Kara, TU Dortmund
Jens Keppeler, Uni Frankfurt
Sandra Kiefer, RWTH Aachen
Philipp Klaus Krause, Uni Frankfurt
Martin Lang, RWTH Aachen
Martin Lange, Uni Kassel
Simon Lessenich, RWTH Aachen

Christof Löding, RWTH Aachen
Markus Lohrey, Uni Siegen

Etienne Lozes, Uni Kassel
Wim Martens  Uni Bayreuth

Moritz Müller, Uni Wien
Matthias Niewerth, Uni Bayreuth
Martin Otto, TU Darmstadt
Roman Rabinovich, TU Berlin

Frederic Reinhardt, RWTH Aachen

Maxime Savaro, ENS Lyon
Svenja Schalthöfer, RWTH Aachen
Nicole Schweikardt, Uni Frankfurt

Pascal Schweitzer, RWTH Aachen
Thomas Schwentick, TU Dortmund
Sebastian Siebertz, TU Berlin

Manuel Vargas Guzman, Uni Kassel
Oleg Verbitsky, HU Berlin
Nils Vortmeier, TU Dortmund
James Worrell, Uni Oxford
Thomas Zeume, TU Dortmund


Faried Abu Zaid: Bisimulation Safe Fixed Point Logic
Joachim Bremer: Deciding Determinism of Regular Languages
Claudia Carapelle: Satisfiability of CTL* with constraints
Anuj Dawar: Symmetric Circuits and Fixed-Point Logics
Christoph Dittmann: Decompositions for the Modal mu-Calculus
Robert Ganian: Model Checking Existential Logic on Partially Ordered Sets
Martin Grohe: Dimension Reduction via Colour Refinement
Lucas Heimberg: Preservation theorems for bounded degree structures
Martin Lang: A Complete Resource Automatic Structure and Its Connections to Quantitative Logics
Moritz Müller: About homomorphism problems
Frederic Reinhardt: Automatic Structures with Parameters
Svenja Schalthöfer: Interpretation Logic: An Alternative Characterisation of Choiceless Polynomial Time
Sebastian Siebertz: Algorithmic Applications of Sparse Classes of Graphs
Oleg Verbitsky: On the dynamic width of the 3-colorability problem
James Worrell: Ultimate Positivity for Linear Recurrence Sequences
Thomas Zeume: Dynamic Conjunctive Queries

See the full programme for the talks' time slots.


Chassalla, from 57 €, ca. 5 minutes walking distance
CityHotel Kassel, from 69 €, ca. 5 minutes walking distance
Adesso Hotel Astoria, from 50 €, ca. 10 minutes walking distance
Days Inn Kassel Hessenland, from 65 €, ca. 15 minutes walking distance
Youth hostel, from 23 €, ca. 10 minutes walking distance

See also this Google map of hotel locations near the university.

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