14.10.2019 13:40

Phillip Lücking to give a talk regarding algorithms and social inequality in Stuttgart

The talk will take place on October 15, 2019 and is held in context of the 16th action week "Poverty threatens everyone" organized by the Landesarmutskonferenz Baden-Württemberg.

Algorithms are becoming more pervasive in everyday life. From
health-tracking apps over recommendation algorithms to more hidden usage
regarding credit scores or predictive policing, their range of potential
applications is tremendous. At the same time, social inequality and with
it the difference in income and life opportunities between the very rich
and poor is steadily growing. Under austerity in Europe, social services
are cut back and tightly managed. In other countries, algorithms have
been known to be a center piece of making public administration
supposedly more efficient. One example can be witnessed in the
neighboring country of Austria, where the debate around the
implementation of a predictive score regarding the "job market
potentiality of the unemployed" is currently undergoing a test run until
its planned integration in 2020.

The talk will comprise of an introduction in key algorithm technologies,
a collection of illustrative examples of algorithms reportedly
(re)producing social inequalities, provides an analysis along these
examples on a socio-technical level and close with perspective outlooks.
There will also be a spacious time slot for further discussion and
questions from the audience.


For further information and full program of the conference see http://www.landesarmutskonferenz-bw.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/15-10-2019-Algorithmen-und-wachsende-soziale-Ungleichheit.pdf