27.08.2018 13:11

We are hiring!

In the upcoming semester (WS 18/19) several Hiwi-Jobs in the Distributed Systems Department need to be reassigned, because several graduating students are leaving the department. The jobs have a working time between 20 and 40 hours.

If you are interested, please make an appointment via E-Mail.

Ideally, you fulfill some of the following requirements:

  • Study Computer Science (Bachelor/Master)
  • Are able to speak, read and write English and German
  • Have some experience with Ubuntu or other Linux derivates
  • Are at least in the 4th semester, or have similar programming experience
  • Are reliable, work independently, and quick on the uptake.

Note that the salary gets increased in 2019:

  • Bachelor: 9,45€/hour
  • Master:  11,02€/hour