Carpe Noctem Cassel (RoboCup-Team)


The Distributed Systems Research Group operated a team of autonomous soccer robots. These platforms were utilised in research and teaching and provided a perfect platform for areas like

  • Group Coordination (Intelligent Team Behavior, Task Allocation)
  • Sensor Fusion (Image Processing, World Model)
  • Localization and Navigation (Pathplanning)
  • Control (Motion)
  • Group Communication

The software architecture was designed for highly dynamic domains and is robust against unreliable communication and noisy sensor values. Furthmore, it is completly distributed, i.e., the framework was designed without any central coordination or similar single point of failures. The framework is written in C++ (Standard 2011).

We used to participate at international competitions annually and take part in the RoboCup community, e.g., by hosting international Workshops.

Industrial Applications

The developed software has proven to be adaptable to new domains like multi-robot exploration scenarios in lunar environments or cooperative autonomous driving and is also able to control other platforms like the Pioneer 3-AT, NAOs from Aldebaran, or the famous TurtleBot.


 We hold the course Autonomous Mobile Robot each summer semester and the lab Kooperative verteilte Robotersysteme each winter semester. Furthermore, the course Teamarbeit is offered each semester. Corresponding master and bachelor seminar topics are also announced at the beginning of each semester.
For student projects, bachelor's and master's thesis contact Stefan Jakob or Marie Ossenkopf. We are open for suggested topics related to hardware, electronics, and software.
The soccer robot team is no longer in operation. However, everybody willing to actively work on the pioneer robot is welcome to join. Please contact us, if you want to take part.


Please do not hesitate to contact the staff members if you have questions or suggestions regarding the project:

Marie Ossenkopf
Stefan Jakob
Alexander Jahl

The team website for the Carpe Noctem Cassel RoboCup team is available at