PROSECCO - Provisions for Service Co-Evolution

The research topic of PROSECCO is to create a coordinated service co-evolution in complex service landscapes composed of a variety of services that depend on each other. Our goal is to provide a general solution for coordinated decentralised service co-evolution. We will evaluate language and protocols for service co-evolution and develop solutions for realising service co-evolution.
The greatest challenge is the handling of service interdependencies in large scale service environments. In the scope of this project the evolution of the service implementation itself is not taken into account, i.e. the software evolution of the service versions does not constitute the main research question. We assume that the implementations of the different service versions are provided by service developers. Our focus is on the distributed co-evolution coordination.

The fundamental research question that we intend to answer is: How can we enable coordinated service co-evolution in complex service landscapes composed of a variety of services that depend on each other?

PROSECCO is funded by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). It started in 2015 and was granted a two-years extension in 2018. In PROSECCO we collaborate with Vietnamese reseachers from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) and Hanoi University, whereby we receive additional funding from DFG and our Vietnamese colleagues from their national funding agency NAFOSTED.

Currently, we are looking for a research associate to work on a fully funded open PhD position in the PROSECCO project. Further information on this subject can be found here.

Contact: Please do not hesitate to contact the staff members if you have questions or suggestions regarding the project: Harun Baraki, Alexander Jahl.



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