Loren Britton and Isabel Paehr to Give a Lecture and Workshop about "persisting flux : softening matter : heating for radical social change"

In their collaborative practice Loren Britton and Isabel Paehr research melting and tech infrastructures through material experiments.

We work with metaphors and material practices of melting which to us means processing matter through time change and dissolution rather than stasis. Using heat we encounter the rigid categorizations that we are confronted with in algorithmic systems and other structures. Smells, fumes, motion, heat, pressure, transformation and electricity will be engaged.

Loren Britton is an interdisciplinary artist, thinker and curator based in-between Berlin, DE and New York City, US. They are concerned with on.offline, trans*gender people, class, how to commincate and intersectional trans*feminism. They investigate things by reading, holding, playing and translating to cross disciplinary and class borders.

Isabel Paehr is involved in the production and arrangement of virtual matter. She develops experimental games and material speculations, performs, writes and codes in collaborative working groups. Paehr is 1/2 of the Berlin based game studio Topicbird.


10 am to 5 pmworkshopDisperse! Dissolve! Disintegrate! Cooking up flux
7 pmlecutrepersisting flux: softening matter: heating for radical social change

For further information visit the event on the website of HfG.

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