08.03.2018 | Gender/Diversity in Informatiksystemen

Claude Draude to Present at the GEWINN Conference ‘Gender and IT’ 2018

Claude Draude will present a paper (co-authored with Susanne Maaß, University of Bremen) on ‘Making IT Work: Integrating gender research in computing through a process model’ at the GEWINN conference ‘Gender and IT’ that will take place in Heilbronn, Germany, on 14-15 May.

The paper presents the ‘Gender-Extended Research and Development’ (GERD) model, a process model which combines gender and diversity aspects with all phases of computing research and development. The model with seven phases is a generalization of common process models in computing. Gender/diversity expertise has been condensed into a number of aspects that characterize the social context of computing research. They can be related to and reflected during every phase. This reflection is somewhat operationalized by providing a list of questions for each combination of phase and aspect. Case studies as part of the model illustrate either in what way such reflections may help in research and development or what may happen if no such aspects have been included.

The GEWINN conference 'Gender & IT 2018' will welcome about 150 researchers of science and technology studies, gender studies and computer science to present their work and exchange experiences. As part of the project "Gender. Knowledge. Computer Science. Network on Research Transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge on Gender and Computer Science (GEWINN)“ the conference is part of a process of reflection and knowledge transfer. Registration for the conference is now open.