REMENA Excursions During Summer Term 2015 in Kassel

Read the report by our REMENA batch 10 student Arpit from India on the excursions organized at Kassel site.


SPAIN Excursion 2014: REMENA batches 6 & 7 conclude the semester on Renewable Energy Sites in the South of Spain

On September 23, 2014, REMENA batches 6 and 7 took off for a 4 day field trip to the Renewable Energy sights in the South of Spain. Conditions of solar radiation there are similar to those found in the MENA region. That is why the so‐called "Spain excursion" concludes the summer term each year.


January 31, 2014: REMENA excursion to Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen

On Friday the 31st of January, 2014, we went to the University Kassel associated Domain Frankenhausen, where a solar thermal hay drying facility contributed well to the idea of solar energy usage all over the planet, not exclusively for the MENA Region.


January 13, 2014: REMENA excursion to the DLR in Cologne

The first excursion in 2014 took batch 5 and 6 as well as the Professors of the Courses of Concentrated Solar Thermal Devices, Prof. Dr. Mohammed El-Refaie, and Energy Conversion Processes, Prof. Dr. Adel Khalil, to the DLR Solar Research Institute in Cologne on the 13th of January 2014. After having recently learned about concentrating solar devices in Dr. El-Refaie’s lecture it was of course very interesting to see applications like these at the DLR Institute.


REMENA Students Batch 4 and % in front of a bio gas plant in Granada, Spain

September 2013: "REMENA Batch 4 & 5 Excursion to Spain"

It started the most uncomfortable way possible: An alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning. Ahead of us was a week in Southern Spain. We received the itinerary beforehand but not everyone knew what to expect. Even though some REMENA students didn’t join the trip it was a great opportunity to conclude a challenging yet amazing year of studies.


October/November 2012: REMENA Batch 4 visits to Zafarana wind farm in Egypt, INCOSOL in Amman in Jordan, and a CSP plant in Kuraymat in Egypt

Within three weeks REMENA batch 4 students visited the Zafarana wind farm near the Gulf of Suez, which is Africa’s biggest wind farm situated along the Red Sea Coast, the International Conference on Solar Energy for the MENA region (INCOSOL) in Amman, Jordan, and the Kuraymat Power Plant, which is a combined cycle power plant utilizing the generated heat of a concentrated solar power (CSP) field to run a steam turbine.

July 2012: "REMENA Batch 3 - Excursion to Almeria & Granada, Spain"

The excitement level of the REMENA Batch 3 students began to build as the month of June came to an end and the month of July started. All the students were eagerly anticipating the excursion to Spain, which for a long time was being discussed. The date was finally approaching and the countdown had started!

Group picture of REMENA students at SMA

REMENA Excursion to SMA in Kassel 2012

On February 20th 2012, 10 students from the third batch of the Master Program Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region (REMENA) participated in a full day seminar at SMA Solar Academy.


July 2011: "REMENA Field Trip to Almeria CSP Plants in Spain"

On July 24th, 2011, a group of 16 students from the Master Program Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency with intercultural focus in the MENA region (REMENA) participated in a DAAD supported 4 day field trip in Andalucía & Valencia in Spain.

REMENA Excursion to Bremerhaven 2011

The excursion to Bremerhaven with Henry Seifert (Lecturer „Mechanical Aspects of Wind Energy“) was part of the elective module „Wind Energy Technology“.

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April 2011: "REMENA Students visit Hanover Trade Fair"

Hanover was our destination on April 8th, 2011 where REMENA Master program 2011 students visited the so-called "Hannover Messe". Hanover Fair is one of the oldest trade fairs in Germany. This year’s motto of the exhibit was "Technology Creates"...