"The REMENA program is special in the sense that it does not only focus on transferring the technical knowledge but also on building the soft skills required to succeed in an international work environment.", says M.Sc. Oussama SAAD from Tunisia

Testimonial interview with Oussama SAAD from Tunisia, M.Sc. REMENA, Diploma in Energy Engineering, batch 12 alumnus, who now works as Project Engineer at Ramboll in Kassel, Germany.  Read the full testimonial  interview.

"REMENA: The program added academic credits to my professional know how!", says Ehab Farouk from Egypt M.Sc. REMENA Alumnus Batch 1

Testimonial Interview with Ehab Farouk from Egypt, M.Sc. REMENA, B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, batch 1 alumnus, who now works for the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) in Egypt. Read the complete interview.

"REMENA was a step to a different future in my career life: It enabled me to have a better understanding about renewable energy and its applications.", says Mohamed Ali Metwally from Egypt, M.Sc. REMENA alumnus batch 6

Testimonial Interview with Mohamed Ali Metwally from Egypt, M.Sc. REMENA, B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, batch 6 alumnus, who now works as a simulation and modeling engineer for Younicos in Berlin. Read the complete interview.

"Engineering, Innovation, Intercultural Communication Skills. The REMENA program made me gain a deeper vision about sustainability…“ says Sarah from Egypt who now works for GIZ Cairo.

Testimonial Interview with Sarah El Mergawy from Egypt M.Sc. REMENA, B.A. Commercial Studies (Business Administration) alumna from REMENA batch 6, now working for GIZ in Cairo. Read the complete interview.

"Studying between two cultures" - Meet Djalila from Germany, REMENA student batch 12, study mode Cairo-Kassel, and read her testimonial interview [in German]

Djalila was interviewed by Anne Roßius about her REMENA Master studies in Cairo and Kassel. The article was first published in abi.de on 25. April 2017 with courtesy of Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Link: abi.de/studium/studiengaenge/weiterfuehrende/it/portraet-doppelabschluss-vorab014695.htm

"The unique aspect of REMENA is obvious in its name. The focus on MENA region makes this course special compared with other master programs around the world", says REMENA graduate Alireza Taheri

Alireza Taheri is a graduate of REMENA batch 5 and meanwhile Director International Business Development of the German company ABO Wind. Read the complete interview.

"REMENA: A perfect platform for the mixture of skills needed in green energy.", says Arpit Raval from India, REMENA student batch 9

Read the complete report by our REMENA batch 10 student Arpit from India on the excursions organized at Kassel site.

"REMENA: Simply an excellent combination!", says Augusto Bustamante from Ecuador, REMENA batch 5.

Augusto in a TV interview in his home-country.
Augusto in a TV interview in his home-country.

"REMENA: Simply an excellent combination! Study Renewable Energy in the high-tech leader country Germany coupled with the experience and the amazing knowledge of Egyptian professors in solar energy.", says Augusto Bustamante from Ecuador, REMENA batch 5.

Read the complete interview!

Building Bridges: REMENA Alumni at the EWACC Young Scholars Forum and Conference on Energy, Water and Climate Change at the Cyprus Institute

Three REMENA alumni, Ramy Essam, Adnan Al-Akori, and Mohamed Ouda travelled to Cyprus in June 2015 to participate in the EWACC-Building Bridges Initiative organised by the Cyprus Institute, the University of Hamburg and German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). Here is a report of the event with some of their impressions.

It’s time to move forward

Sara El Mergawy, alumna of the REMENA programme, writes about how movement and mobility were not only important to her personal life but also her Master’s thesis on E-mobility in Cairo.

Read the complete report!

Returning Experts: Transfering Knowledge to Your Home Country

Younis Badran is REMENA alumni. After spending some years studying and working in Germany, he wanted to transfer his know-how on solar photovoltaic technology back to his home country Palestine. He joined the CIM/GIZ Returning Experts Programme in 2012. In the report below he speaks of his experience as a Returning Expert.

Read the complete report!

Mahmoud Hosny reports on the Working Atmosphere at DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

Mahmoud Hosny is a student in REMENA’s sixth intake. Currently, he is researching for his Master Thesis at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics. For Mahmoud, this is a dream come true. Here, he speaks of his enriching expierence - both personally and scientifically.

Read the complete report!

"REMENA is not only a Master, it is a life style.", says Mostafa Kamal, M.Sc. graduate REMENA batch 3

"REMENA is not only a Master, it is a life style. It gives a very strong push forward in the Renewable Energy Market  and helps the student to be able to go in the business directly not only research", says Mostafa Kamal from Egypt who now works for CUBE Engineering in Kassel/Germany.

Read the complete interview!

"REMENA exceeded my expectations.", says Alaa Alhamwi, M.Sc., graduate REMENA batch 3

"REMENA exceeded my expectations. It was a radical turning point towards a better future and a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the different aspects of the energy transition towards sustainability", says Alaa Alhamwi, M.Sc., graduate REMENA batch 3.

Read the complete interview!

"REMENA: Not just a program, but a major part of your life - No better option, if you want to study Energy AND Management"

"When I came across the Master Program "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the MENA Region - REMENA" on the website of DAAD, it attracted my interest highly because it deals with Project Management in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.", says Sandeep Banodiya from India, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, REMENA batch 7.

Read the complete interview!

"REMENA: A Career Enhancement by a Long Steps Jump!", says Ramy Essam, M.Sc., graduate REMENA batch 4

Ramy Essam in front of the Reichstag.

"It is an overwhelming program not just a competitive one. Huge diversity booster, team work spirit, competition and interdisciplinarity."

Read the complete report!

"Because RE is the golden door for sustainable development in the MENA region, REMENA is a perfect way to get involved in this pathway to the energy future."

In light of cooperation between "Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft" and Dii (Desertec industrial initiative) a one day intensive workshop focusing on Renewable Energy activities in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia was organized on February 20th, 2014. The "Maghreb day" provided a platform for international participants from the public and private sectors to exchange ideas and network. REMENA batch 5 student Redouane Abdelbari from Morocco joint the "Maghreb day" and reported about his experience.

Read his complete report.

"REMENA offers engineering skills plus personal relations and professional co-operations"

"While working in a German Photovoltaic Company for the last 3 years, I have been looking for Master courses that could not only contribute to my own professional career but also help me in finding a way to make usage of what I had already learned and what I would learn in the future for a higher sake. I believe that with the REMENA Master Program I was lucky to find courses, fellow students as well as professors in that direction. Here, we do not only learn rather detailed engineering skills but I believe that this bi-cultural program also fosters our understanding of how important our personal relations and professional co-operations are, for the further development of a sustainable energy system and for the future political and social connections between the MENA and the European Region.", says Matthias Namgalies, B.Sc. Environmental Sciences from Germany, REMENA batch 6.

Read his complete report on REMENA News and Events. 

"Despite of Life's Challenges - Solar Energy Can Draw the Smile"

says Eng. Adnan Al-Akori from Yemen, currently on study leave from his position as Head of Renewable Energy Department PARE, and winner of the DAAD photo contest with his photo taken in a rural electrification project targeting poor and remote  villages in Yemen, most of them far from the main grid, by clean technology such as Solar Home Systems (SHS).

"This picture has attracted me most among the  hundreds of pictures I have taken.  Simply, the very cheerful smile of a villager‘s child that has never reviewed his courses at night, casts its own special spell on the viewer! Despite of the basic life that surrounded this child, a small panel between his hands makes him see everything around him "Green". This is the soul of "sustainability" in my point of view."

Click here to read the full testimonial interview.

"REMENA: Focussing Energies and focus on energy, a super hot issue."

This is what Mohamed Ouda, B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, says about the REMENA program:
"Focus energies", and "focus on energy", - one of the top issues to be tackled for a sustainable future of our planet. REMENA has a magic engineering touch with its collaborating universities, industry representatives, governments, and private sector. Its module structuring, duration, excursions, networking and facilities are just unique. It is a process where its input is good and output is great, conditioned on hard work as it deserves, and proven through previous batches, and their involvement in nowadays progress in RE."

Click here to read the full testimonial interview.

"After all, ideas of sustainable thinking might start on a desk but can only be realized by spreading them within the society."

"Studying the Master Program "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the MENA Region" (REMENA) does not only mean to learn about wind turbines in a lecture or research concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in a library. It means experiencing their applications in daily life, the magnificence of these big parabolic mirrors of CSP and the seeming synchronous motion of the wind farm rotor blades in the wind.", says Mathias Graunke, B.Sc. in Engineering Technology Management from Germany, REMENA batch 4.

Read his complete report on REMENA News and Events.

"REMENA: The perfect academic education I needed for my career."

"REMENA was a valuable addition to my career. Being a multi-disciplinary program allowed me to study technical as well as economic and market oriented courses, which is the perfect academic education I need for my career. Working now as a project manager in the energy sector,  I am able to practically apply what I learned during the REMENA program. Moreover the cultural aspect enriched my personality which was multicultural oriented already since school.", says Rawya El Shazly from Egypt, M.Sc. REMENA
REMENA graduate Batch 1.

"A healthy mixture of adventure spirit and career focus"

"REMENA's concept convinced me the first time that I read about it.
It teaches more than just in depth renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.
It provides us with the knowledge to plan renewable energy projects and implement sustainable approaches in a foreign environment.", says Mathias Graunke, B.Sc. in Engineering Technology Management, who has taken up REMENA Master studies in 2012.


"This program has started to make a difference in my life even before official graduation. I have dreamt to make a right turn in my research and career and REMENA program was essential for this dream to come true."

Dr. Hatem Elrefaei, M.Sc. REMENA
REMENA graduate Batch 2



"It feels good to put my energy into the right projects now.", says Frank Philipp, REMENA Batch 1, who graduated from the REMENA program in 2011. More...