emergenCITY - The Resilient Digital City

The goal of emergenCITY is to protect smart cities from disasters. For this we are developing resilient infrastructures that save human lives.

Within the area of communication (KOM), we focus on the design of communication systems that have built in resilience and are responsive to any kind of crisis/disaster. These systems shall be able to self-prepare decentralized and infrastructureless operation prior to the disaster and able to support basic communication services under any circumstances.

The specific focus of the Distributed Systems group is to improve the Internet resilience of smart cities. First, by making resilience measurable through an overall resilience index that identifies Internet-based resilience risks that harm smart cities. Second, by incorporating the resilience index to improve the overall communication infrastructure.

Further information on emergenCITY can be found at: www.emergenCITY.de.

Contacts: Yasin Alhamwy and Prof. Oliver Hohlfeld.