06/20/2024 | Language Centre

Application for withdrawal from an examination and for a resit

The date for the resit is: Thursday, 26 September 2024 between 09:00 and 14:00. An examination should be (re)-taken on the next resit date stipulated by the Language Centre. In the case of UNIcert® end-of-level examinations, no more than one semester may elapse between the end of the course and the corresponding end-of-level examination. 

You can only apply to withdraw from an examination and a resit if you have a valid reason. Valid reasons are:

  • Illness, accident, serious illness or death of a close family member, etc.

Other reasons such as a family celebration, clashes with job commitments, an internship taken up at short notice or you are feeling overwhelmed etc. are not valid reasons for withdrawing from an examination. 

Deadline: An application to withdraw from an examination and a resit must be made as soon as the reason for the impediment is known.Subsequent applications will not be accepted. Please note the deadlines in the Quicklinks.


1. ONLY the following students at the University of Kassel are entitled to sit or resit their exam on these dates:

  • Students at the University of Kassel who have the ECTS credited to their degree programme,
  • Students at the University of Kassel for whom proof of their level in the relevant target language is required for their degree programme or is a condition stipulated in their letter of admission to the University,
  • international exchange students at the University of Kassel who have the ECTS credited in their learning agreement.

2. An exception can only made for UNIcert® end-of-level examinations (UNIcert® I, Part 4, German UNIcert® II, English UNIcert® II, Part 3, separate UNIcert® III exam). In these cases, all candidates can apply for a resit. However, a fee of €30 (resp. €79 for external course guests) is payable for all persons not listed under 1. 

Where do I submit the application?You can find the application form under Quicklinks. If the Language Centre approves your application, you will receive a registration code for the examination.

Good to know: Even if you do not take the exam, you can apply for a certificate of attendance (without grade and without ECTS), if your attendance has been sufficient (at least 60%). Please contact: sz[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.

Do you wish to attend the next course level despite not having taken the exam? In exceptional cases, the examination board can decide on admission to the next course level based on your overall performance in your last course. The coordinator responsible for your course as your first point of contact can be found here About us.