Science Talk am 16.10. mit Dr. Hans Bruyninckx (Executive Director of the European Environment Agency)

Kassel Science Talk

16 October 2019, 15:15 – 16:45
Senatssaal (Raum 2101), Mönchebergstr. 3

Special Guest: Dr. Hans Bruyninckx (Executive Director of the European Environment Agency)

Presentation: Information for transformation – How to get people engaged?
From monitoring the environment to informing sustainability transitions: towards a knowledge paradigm fit for the 21 st century.

Talk triangle: with Dr. Hans Bruyninckx and Prof. Reiner Finkeldey, President of the University of Kassel, moderated by Prof. Stefan Bringezu (CESR)


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The Kassel Science Talk

The Kassel Science Talk is a pilot format for communicating science with a broader audience. High level experts and representatives from policy, industry and society will discuss with scientists on outstanding issues of sustainable development. They will pinpoint both problems and possible solutions. The start will focus on the linkage between climate change and resource use, and the way in which information needs to be communicated to make a difference.

The Kassel Science Talk will be introduced by a presentation of a special guest, and then a talk will follow with him or her. Both presentation and talk will be recorded by the Service Center Teaching of Kassel University, and are intended to be made publicly available on the web.