Protection of the drinking water supply against CBNR-threat-scenarios: technique and strategy development (subproject environmental psychology)


The project STATuS is part of the programme line “scenario-oriented security research” out of the research area “protection against outage of supply infrastructures” founded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The supply with drinking water in unobjectionable quality and sufficient amount represents a basic requirement for the existence of a developed society. Through environmental hazards or accidents and terrorist attacks, respectively, the supply might be impaired severely. The scope is to considerably increase the population’s security with regard to impairments of the drinking water by chemical, biological or radioactive substances (nbc-substances) which are eventually to be expected or might have already occurred.
Starting with an analysis of varying threat scenarios, adequate strategies for prevention and defence are generated. The development of technical and structural innovations is complemented by a socio-economic inspection of attacks on the drinking water supply. 

The subproject with which the CESR is assigned with focuses two main points: The first focus is made up by the development of an instrument for measuring the psychological acceptance on the part of the customers with regard to possible preventive measures and counteraction. The outage of the drinking water supply will be raised as topic in a specific manner. Thereby, the willingness to carry out different preventive behaviours at home as well as the acceptance of further reaching system changes are enquired. The second focus lies on the development of a guideline for adequate communication strategies regarding the case of prevention as well as the case of damage. Thereby, it is necessary to create a sufficiently open and communication during the preventive phase, ensuring to build a basis for trust, so that in the case of damage the measures required can be mediated quickly and efficiently.