Teaching and Research Assistance

International PhD students in teaching or research projects can be supported by the DAAD STIBET PhD programme. The aim of a teaching and research assistance is to offer an opportunity for international PhD candidates to gain teaching or research experience and to improve the integration at the University of Kassel.

Teaching Assistance:

Involvement of international PhD students in teaching affairs, e.g.

  • Support/preparation of a course
  • Conducting a tutorial

Research Assistance:

Integration of PhD students in a research project beyond their own doctoral project, e.g.

  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Preparation of publications
  • Creating posters and presentations
  • Preparation and conduction of conferences


  • PhD students need to be foreign students, i.e. holding a university entrance qualification from abroad and having a foreign nationality
  • Acceptance as a doctoral candidate


  • A contract as a student assistant (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) with 20 hours per month
  • The funding period is limited to 4 months.
  • PhD students with a full time employment (meaning 100% TV H 13 or equivalent) cannot be supported.

International PhD students can receive either a teaching or a research assistance per semester. Funding in a following semester is possible. During their stay at the University of Kassel, international PhD students can be supported with a maximum of two assistances in the framework of the STIBET PhD programme by the DAAD.

Per professorship, a maximum of two assistances per year can be supported in the framework of the DAAD STIBET PhD programme.

Application Documents:

The application has to be submitted by the mentoring professor and must contain the following documents: 

  • Application by the mentoring professor with a description of the following:
    • The course or the research project in which the PhD student will be involved
    • The tasks of the PhD student in the project
    • Detailed time frame and schedule of the project (max. 4 months x 20h per month)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the candidate
  • A copy of the PhD acceptance letter
  • A copy of the last academic degree acquired by the candidate
  • A copy of the agenda of supervision
  • Duly completed Attachment

Applications can be submitted in either German or English by mail or e-mail.

Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed after the deadline has expired and evaluated by a selection committee. The selection committee consists of representatives from different faculties. The following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • The added value for the PhD student (double weighting)
  • The added value for the professor (single weighting)
  • Appropriate time frame for the assistance (volume and intensity of the tasks) (single weighting)

All applicants will receive feedback at the latest six weeks after the application deadline.

Reporting Obligation:

Four weeks after the end of the assistance a report should be submitted. This report has to be signed by both the PhD student and the supervising professor.

Deadline: next Call for Applications: spring 2021

Dr. Constanze Engel
Dpt. Development Planning
Div. Internationalisation and International Cooperations
University of Kassel

E-Mail: constanze.engel@uni-kassel.de