Cost subsidies

Printing costs for academic publications

You have completed your doctorate or your academic teaching qualification or you want to publish another academic paper. In most subjects, particularly humanities and social sciences, this is associated with high costs. How can you receipt printing cost subsidies to cover this? Subsidies can be paid from funds from departments/fields, but these funds are often not sufficient. The German Research Foundation offers special printing aid for this. Other institutions which promote research such as the Volkswagen Foundation only provide printing cost subsidies for foundation projects. It is therefore worth it in every respect to get an institution which promotes research to finance projects.

The Kassel online library repository and archive (Kasseler Online Bibliothek Repository & Archiv, KOBRA) and Kassel University Press offer a good, cost-effective way to publish your work.

The Kassel University Press has developed concepts to find the optimal solution for a wide range of different publications. This applies to both classic, printed books and to dissertations, teaching qualifications and comparable publications which are published electronically and also printed by Kassel University Press.

Note: The BMBF set up a post-grant fund for open-access publications. Researchers can apply for funds to cover charges for open-access publications that resulted from finished BMBF-
funded projects. A full funding can be granted for charges up to EUR 2,000 (excl. VAT) for each open-access publication.