Communication School

Science concerns everyone!

The current Covid19-pandemic highlights the crucial demand for effective and professional scientific communication. Scientists now increasingly need to address the public and provide council to political institutions to aid in steering society through the crisis and beyond. Be it communication with the public or within a scientific community – a target-specific, convincing and understandable communication of research projects and results facilitates trust in science, communication between researchers and applications for research funding.

The Communication School will support you in developing your skill in science communication and help you  become a communicator yourself. The one week further education program offers you the chance to compose your own curriculum of three wortkshops from a selection of nine. This way you can create a personalized curriculum of your specific interests.

Different formats and initiatives of scientific communication will be presented during the daily get-togethers, where there will also be room for exchange between participants. After one week of training, the methods developed during the workshop can be put to a test and your research can be presented at the closing event, Science Night.

Impressions of the Communication School 2019

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch das Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst im Rahmen des Studienstrukturprogrammes.