Doctoral candidates often go on to deepen their specialist knowledge through postdoc roles after completing doctorates. The long-term objective of this phase in the career is to become a professor. Here you can find some information and tips on the phase after completing a doctorate. For example: how can I fund my postdoc position?

Information on postdoctoral teaching qualifications

Postdoctoral teaching qualifications provide evidence of particular academic skills and aim to determine the particular skill of independent academic work in research and teaching in a given specialist area in a formal procedure.

The conditions for admission to postdoctoral teaching qualifications are generally the completion of a doctorate or an academic qualification recognised as being equivalent to this, further academic activity after completion of the doctorate generally of a minimum of two years and evidence of practice teaching experience.

Network of DFG experienced researchers

Experienced researchers of the University of Kassel advice young academics and postdocs on submitting applications for research grants.

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Junior Research Group Leaders

Extraordinarily well qualified junior scholars from Germany and abroad, the University of Kassel offers this target group the opportunity to
develop research projects of their own and establish their own
junior research group. For calls for applications see job vacancies 

Network of non-tenured staff