Postdoctoral teaching qualifications (Habilitation)

Postdoctoral teaching qualifications provide evidence of particular academic skills and aim to determine the particular skill of independent academic work in research and teaching in a given specialist area in a formal procedure.

The conditions for admission to postdoctoral teaching qualifications are generally the completion of a doctorate or an academic qualification recognised as being equivalent to this, further academic activity after completion of the doctorate generally of a minimum of two years and evidence of practice teaching experience.

Development and Management of Research Projects

The “Development and Management of Research Projects” further education programme is offered as a cooperation project between the universities of Kassel and Marburg. It is a learning and training basis for the upgrading research-relevant key qualifications. The three-year programme consists of a two-year workshop phase and an additional year available for submitting an application for third-party funding. The programme is aimed at junior scholars of all disciplines and departments of the participating Universities who want to submit an application for third-party funding in the near future.


In 2019, the University of Kassel offers a Postdoc UNIKAT Fellowship funded through the B. Braun Melsungen AG for outstanding application-oriented research at the University of Kassel to devise new types of societal applications. The Postdoc UNIKAT Fellowship offers the possibility for applied research and development to devise new types of societal applications on the basis of the applicant's own research findings. This can be technical, social, ecological or even cultural innovations that are transferred into innovative concepts for products, services, organisations or business, for example. The results should be the basis for start-ups, marketing activities or cooperations with companies or organisations. For details see financing section. 

Network of DFG experienced researchers

Experienced researchers of the University of Kassel advice young academics and postdocs on submitting applications for research grants.

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