Focus Areas

Six faculties of the University of Kassel with an emphasis on the environmental field work in four focus areas from which you can choose your favourite master programme:

Agriculture and Nutrition

The Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences is all about research and education in the areas of organic agriculture and sustainable rural development with regional and international references. >>read more

Economics and Environment

The environment is important factor for successful businesses; it is key to sustainability. A close bonding between the economy and technology is an unerring alliance. >>read more

Energy and Material Flow Systems

Global energy demand is rapidly increasing. Therefore, renewable resources, clean energy and energy efficiency are driving forces for the future. >>read more

Sustainable Planning and Building

Building always affects the environment. Why not alter the ways we build? >>read more

Mensch, Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Ein nachhaltiger Umgang mit den natürlichen Lebensgrundlagen zum Wohle von Mensch und Umwelt verlangt Lösungen und Handlungsempfehlungen für die Gesellschaft. >>mehr