Organisational Structure

Prof. Dr. Christian Herzig
Telephone +49 5542 98 1208
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Gastprofessorin Dr. Tanja Bogusz
1. stellvertretende Sprecherin
Telephone +49 (0)561-804-7737
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Sommer
2. stellvertretender Sprecher
Telephone +49 561 804-3381
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Janalisa Fränzi Hahne (vertreten durch Johanna Stöhr)
Koordinatorin des GradZ
Telephone +49 5542 98-1223
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Doctoral and Student Representatives

Doctoral Representatives

  • M. Sc. Forest Sciences & Forest Ecology Rebekka Hüfner (Center for Environmental Systems Research)
  • M.A. Sustainable Economics Annika Mies (Department of Sustainability Management, FB 07)

Student Representatives

  • Carolin Dümecke (Master student in Environmental Engineering)
  • Nora Günther (Master student in Sustainable Economics)

Institutional Members

  • Faculty 06: Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning
    Master Programmes
    • Architecture with a specialisation in sustainable planning and building
    • Urban Planning with a specialisation in urban and regional development
    • Landscape Planning with a specialisation in environmental planning and management

  • Faculty 07: Economics and Management
    Master Programmes
    • Sustainable Management
    • Business Administration and Engineering with a specialisation in renewable energies and energy efficiency
    • Environmental Law
    • Economics with a specialisation in ecological economics (scheduled to expire)

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