UmweltWissen Certificate

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Know more - achieve more!

The UmweltWissen certificate gives students the opportunity, through a broad interdisciplinary offer of advanced-training courses, to acquire competencies and skills that will be a great asset in future interdisciplinary working environments. What is more, you get the opportunity to expand your environmental knowledge and, in doing so, demonstrate your sensitivity for current and future environmental developments. This is especially important for top performers keen to think "outside the box" for a better understanding of the different disciplines related to the environment. Thus you become a valuable link between science and research.

The UmweltWissen certificate offers a qualified environmental study profile for Master’s as well as Doctoral students, and helps to communicate the acquired skills and knowledge transparently to future employers – a definite advantage!

Target Audience

The UmweltWissen certificate programme is open to all master students and PhD candidates of the University of Kassel upon application.

  • Master students:
    Participation in the GradZ UmweltWissen certificate is concurrent with your normal study schedule.
  • PhD candidates:
    Participation in the GradZ UmweltWissen certificate requires a formal application. Admission can be granted after an abstract of the dissertation, written by the PhD candidate, has been approved by the GradZ coordinator in consultation with the respective supervisor.

The Certificates

UmweltWissen Certificate programm


For the UmweltWissen certificate: Social Sciences (UW:S)and UmweltWissen certificate: Natural Science and Engineering (UW:NI) 8 Credit Points are required, for the UmweltWissen Certificate: Essentials (UW:G) 10 Credit Points.


These credit points can be awarded as follows:

a. About the visit of self-selected courses and / or projects beyond the own study course (see § 5). Here, courses that are assigned to the additive key competencies of the University of Kassel in the field of environmental and sustainability-related knowledge can be recognized both for the certificate program and for the own master's program.

    b. When participating in events organized by the GradZ-Umwelt, additional credit points can be acquired by arrangement. To attend an excursion or participate in a workshop with a coordinated performance in the form of a (co-) presentation or a protocol, 1 credit point will be awarded per event.

    c. The active presentation of a projekt/ master thesis, usually a thesis, if relevant (eg in the form of a poster presentation or a lecture in the circle of the members of GradZ) can be part of the certificate and will be credited with 1 credit point.

    d. As a further component of the certificate program, the visit of cooperation events can be credited with a maximum of 1 credit point, such as the visit of research colloquia with protocol performance.

    e. According to b) - d) a maximum of 4 credit points for the certificate can be acquired.

Lehrangebot zum Zertifikatsprogramm UmweltWissen

Das Lehrangebot des GradZ wird von den sozial-, politik-, wirtschafts-, natur-, und Ingenieurwissenschaftlich umweltbezogenen Studiengängen und Fachbereichen in den Lehrveranstaltungspool des GradZ eingespeist.

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