newsletter "INCHER update"

INCHER-update is the regularly published newsletter of the International Center for Higher Education Research Kassel. It presents research results, new projects, recent publications, events, news from INCHER team, and much more ...

INCHER-update no. 41, 2019

INCHER newsletter update no. 41 (August 2019) is a special issue on the occasion of the CHER 32nd Annual Conference, 28 August – 30 August 2019 hosted by INCHER-Kassel. Among others, it contains the conference program, and a look back on more than 3 decades of CHER by Ulrich Teichler. Read also highlights of the strategic plan of INCHER-Kassel for the next years, publications by INCHER-members in 2019, news from INCHER-team and more.

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