The International Centre for Higher Education Research-Kassel

INCHER-Kassel is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Kassel. Since its establishment in 1978, higher education research at INCHER-Kassel has been combining a broad range of themes and disciplines in addressing the relationships between higher education and its social context. Besides its research projects, INCHER puts a strong emphasis on the support of PhD students and their academic careers. 


  1. The 6th volume of the Compilations of relevant Journals and Abstracts for higher education research has been published. Annually, Alexandra Hertwig, head of INCHER's Research Information Service, provides this valuable tool for...[more]

  2. INCHER Director Georg Krücken will present “Multiple Competitions in Higher Education” on 12 November 2020 at 11 am. The seminar will only be held online. [more]

  3. In his current review in Higher Education Qarterly, Jürgen Enders recommends the book "Higher Education in Germany — Recent Developments in an International Perspective" by Otto Hüther and Georg Krücken.[more]

  4. Christian Johann Schmid (2020): Ethnographic Gameness: Theorizing Extra-methodological Fieldwork Practices in a Study of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Contribution to the special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography on...[more]

  5. Uwe Wilkesmann, Ronja Vorberg und Christian J. Schmid (2020): Motivation von Lehrenden in der wissenschaft lichen Weiterbildung. In: Eva Cendon, Uwe Wilkesmann, Annika Maschwitz, Sigrun Nickel, Karsten Speck, Uwe Elsholz...[more]

  6. Book Release
    vom 05.10.2020

    Ulrich Teichler: Hochschulforschung, was sonst? Rückblick auf ein Wissenschaftlerleben. (Higher education research, what else? Looking back at a researcher’ life). Gespräche mit Anna Kosmützky und Christiane Rittgerott...[more]

  7. Today, the winners of the “Develando Ideas” contest are awarded their prizes in a cerenomy. The Ministry of Education of Ecuador will broadcast the cerenomy through Facebook Live - at 17:30 Germany (10:30 Ecuador/ 18:30 UK/11:30...[more]

  8. Höhle, Ester / Krempkow, René (2020): Die Prüfung der Datenqualität bei einer heterogenen, teilweise unbestimmten Befragtengruppe, Qualität in der Wissenschaft 2/2020, S. 50-60.[more]

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