05.10.2020 18:01

Book Release

Ulrich Teichler: Hochschulforschung, was sonst? Rückblick auf ein Wissenschaftlerleben. (Higher education research, what else? Looking back at a researcher’ life). Gespräche mit Anna Kosmützky und Christiane Rittgerott (Conversations with Anna Kosmützky and Christiane Rittgerott)

Ulrich Teichler has influenced German and European higher education research throughout his entire professional life. He founded and was for a long time Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel) at the University of Kassel (Germany) and is still a worldwide renown expert. Even seven years after his retirement, his expertise is still in demand nationally and internationally. In this just published book, Ulrich Teichler looks back on more than five decades of higher education research. The book is based on several interviews that Anna Kosmützky and Christiane Rittgerott conducted with Ulrich Teichler. In relaxed conversations, they talked about research strategies, management challenges or “the elephants of higher education research”. Ulrich Teichler analyzes historical upheavals in higher education, politics, and society from a contemporary witness perspective in his typical way: amusing, complex, surprising.

Non German readers may be interested in the following autobiographic articles by Ulrich Teichler in English and Chinese:

Teichler, Ulrich. “The Development of a Promoter of Higher Education Research”. In de Ibarrola, Maria and Phillips, Denis C. (eds.), Leaders in Educational Research: Intellectual Self Portraits by Fellows of the International Academy of Education. Rotterdam, Boston and Taipei: Sense Publishers 2014, pp. 197-216.

Teichler, Ulrich. Gāo děng jiào yù yǔ biàn huà de láo dòng lì shì chǎng (Higher Education and the Changing World of Work). Beijing: Science Press 2019, S. 198-215: “Yī wèi gāo děngjiàoyù yánjiū chàngdǎozhě de fāzhǎn lì chéng - tài xī lè de zì zhuàn xìng fǎn sī (The development of a Promoter of Higher Education Research: An Autobiographic Reflection by Ulrich Teichler).


Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Budrich Academic Press 2020 (ISBN: 978-3-96665-023-6) Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Budrich Academic Press 2020.