Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment I

Barbara M. Kehm and Ulrich Teichler (eds): Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment I. Kassel: INCHER Kassel 2012 (Werkstattberichte; 74)

There are claims that the challenges for higher education are quite similar worldwide–but looking closely at it, how similar or how varied are the conditions for higher education institutions? How country specific are discourses about problems and possible resolutions? How homogeneous or how varied are eventually the options for reform?

Although, these questions cannot be answered comprehensively for higher education institutions worldwide, this publication attempts to provide insights into the complex questions described above based on an interesting setting. This volume presents a first set of highlights of the best master theses from a master programme specialised on higher education at the University of Kassel, Germany, which was attended by young open-minded persons from all over the world. The programme offered the students the challenge of bringing together prevailing concepts in higher education research and dominating discourses surrounding realities of higher education in their own countries or in other countries they developed an interest in. Thus, the master theses are the results of such a learning process and they convincingly mirror the tensions between the assumptions of worldwide pressures and worldwide valid concepts on the one hand and the experience of varied situations on the other.

This volume brings together a first selection of best master theses of an international study program for higher education research and development at the University of Kassel, Germany.

The second volume: Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment II (appeared in 2014, also edited by Kehm and Teichler), completes the series with further 13 master theses as well as an evaluative look back on the international Master programme from wich the authors have graduated.

ISBN: 978-3-934377-97-4

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