The Globalisation Challenge for European Higher Education

Zgaga, Pavel; Teichler, Ulrich; Brennan, John (eds.): The Globalisation Challenge for European Higher Education Convergence and Diversity, Centres and Peripheries


Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang 2013.

The last decade has marked the European higher education with a particular dynamics. Today, after a decade of a «concerted» policy, national systems look much more convergent but new questions and dilemmas are emerging: about its nature and quality, about real impact of recent reforms in different countries as well as about its future. The book examines the impact of Europe-wide and global developments on national higher education systems. The authors try in particular to upfront issues of convergence and diversity, of equity and of the relationship of centres and peripheries in higher education. The book is an outcome of research collaboration between six institutes which developed a EuroHESC research proposal on the consequences of expanded and differentiated higher education systems.

Series: Higher Education Research and Policy - Vol. 4

ISBN 978-3-631-63908-5 hb.  (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-3-653-02598-9 (eBook)


Pavel Zgaga/Ulrich Teichler/John Brennan: Challenges for European Higher Education: «Global» and «National», «Europe» and «sub-Europes» (pp. 11-30)

Janja Komljenovič/Klemen Miklavič: Imagining Higher Education in the European Knowledge Economy: Discourse and Ideas in Communications of the EU

Ulrich Teichler: The Event of International Mobility in the Course of Study - The European Policy Objective (pp. 55-78)

Ellen Hazelkorn/Martin Ryan: The Impact of University Rankings on Higher Education Policy in Europe: A Challenge to Perceived Wisdom and a Stimulus for Change – Elsa Hackl: Diversification in Austrian Higher Education: A Result of European or National Policies?

Manja Klemenčič: The Effects of Europeanisation on Institutional Diversification in the Western Balkans

Voldemar Tomusk: The Monolithic Un-intentionality of Higher Education Policies: On the Continuing Importance of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin and the Minor Classics Less Known

Susan L. Robertson: «Hullabaloo in the Groves of Academe»: The Politics of «Instituting» a Market in English Higher Education

John Brennan: Higher Education Differentiation and the Myth of Meritocracy: The Case of the UK

Leon Cremonini: The Recognition of Prior Learning and Dutch Higher Education - At cross-purposes?

Marek Kwiek: From System Expansion to System Contraction. Access to Higher Education in Poland

Martina Vukasović/Mari Elken: Higher Education Policy Dynamics in a Multi-level Governance Context: A Comparative Study of Four Post-communist Countries

Jana Baćević: What Kind of University for What Kind of Society? Nation-States, Post-National Constellations, and Higher Education in the Post-Yugoslav Space

Tatjana Sekulić: The Bosnian Puzzle of Higher Education in the Perspective of the Bologna Process

Danijela Dolenec/Karin Doolan: Reclaiming the Role of Higher Education in Croatia: Dominant and Oppositional Framings

Pavel Zgaga: Reconsidering Higher Education Reforms in the Western Balkans: «Policy Colonies» or «Policy Autarchies»?