Evidence Based Science and Innovation Policy

This research area is focused on the development of evidence-based policy to promote innovations and science. This includes analysis and development of policies to boost high-growth entrepreneurship and innovations, as well as assessment of science and higher education policies. We rely on quantitative methods and focus on establishing causal relations, in particular, using experimental approaches (laboratory, field experiments, including Randomized Control Trials). Our research projects are supported by various organizations including the World Bank, Innovations for Poverty Action, Innovations Growth Lab, the Ministry of Education of Ecuador (Ecuador), and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany). Research is conducted in Germany and across the world (in particular, Ecuador, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine).

research projects

SLO - Showing Life Opportunities
Often identified as reasons for students not to choose entrepreneurship and STEM career paths are lack of knowledge, appropriate skills, and/or missing role models. But will showing youth alternative career options, teaching skills that are relevant for entrepreneurship and science, and providing role models, increase numbers of opportunity-driven entrepreneurs as well as of students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers? This is tested at high schools in Ecuador by, for the first time, providing online education courses for students. From September 2019 on, about 30,000 15-17 year olds in 110 public schools in Ecuador are provided access to an online education platform teaching entrepreneurial soft skills, scientific methods, and offering interviews with role models, and information about job options. A control group is shown placebo courses.
Quality assurance institutions and quality developments in economic and social science dissertations in Germany
In FRONTAL we develop and apply empirical designs enabling us to identify the effects of introducing an individual-level research ranking.