Dr. Otto Hüther

Address International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel)
University of Kassel
Moenchebergstr. 17
D-34109 Kassel
Picture of Dr. Otto  Hüther

From November 2018 on Otto is working as a senior researcher in the Project “MOOCs After the Gold Rush”. Previously, he was research assistant at the chair of Higher Education Research at the University of Kassel. He also was interim professor at the University of Speyer (Chair of Higher Education Management) and the University of Wuppertal (Chair of Organizational Research).  

Otto Hüther was  involved in various projects in recent years. These include a DFG project (Emergence in dynamic processes), a BMBF project (Women in cutting-edge research) and a project from the Excellence Initiative (Understanding science in interaction).

Since 2017 he is together with Elke Wild and Joachim Grabowski editor of the "Zeitschrift für empirische Hochschulforschung" (Journal for empirical higher education research) (for further information see: https://www.budrich-journals.de/index.php/zehf/ index)