Information for Authors

Become a kup author

kassel university press – is a department of the University of Kassel and provides new perspectives for your scientific publications. Our main focus is on online publishing. In addition to that we offer you the opportunity of publishing your work in print.

Your Benefits

  • There will be a worldwide and round-the-clock access for all users who are interested in your publication. For up-to-date publications, e.g. doctoral and postdoctoral theses, diploma or other theses, research reports and conference papers, we provide a modern, fast and inexpensive distribution.
  • With Online Publishing you may inexpensively add pictures and multimedia features to your publication.
  • In addition to Online Publishing we offer a print on demand version so that the authors do not have any printings costs for the sales copies. Author’s and presentation copies are offered at cost price.
  • Print on Demand allows a rapid printing of small editions and reprints that can be offered and distributed around the world.

Our Service

  • Help and advice with technical problems
  • Submission of your publication to major search engines
  • Long-term storage of your publication on the www server
    of kassel university press
  • Inexpensive author's and presentation copies
  • Book cover design, printing and subsequent bookbinder processing
  • Script editing for a full text retrieval
  • Allocation of the ISBN (International Book Standard Number) and entry in the list of books in print. Creation of meta data which are distributed through bibliographies of the GErman National Library