Open Access

With us, you may Publish Open Access

Our offer for publishing online includes, among other options, publishing your research findings open access. This may take the form of a pure open access publication upon first release (golden road) or the one of an open access publication alongside a book that has been published with us.

National as well as international third-party donors by now frequently request that project results are rendered freely accessible for the public. The EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020, for instance, puts special emphasis on the dissemination of research findings: “Ergebnisse in Form von Publikationen sollen im Wege des Open Access durch frei zugängliche Veröffentlichungen verbreitet werden. In den Arbeitsprogrammen können zusätzliche Anforderungen wie z.B. Open Access für Forschungsdaten gestellt werden.“ (Results in the form of publications are to be distributed by way of open access by means of freely accessibly publications. In the work programmes, additional requirements like open access for research information may be laid down.) (Horizont 2020 im Blick Informationen zum neuen EU-Rahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation, S. 10 f.)

With academic journals, open access is also being discussed. During the 12th Berlin Open Access Conference in December 2015, influential national and international research organisations have debated the transformation process of academic journals away from the subscription model to open access, resulting in the OA2020-Initiative. The signatories support and promote the transformation of existing journals into open access ones. Funds which are currently used for the subscription of journals are to be used for sustainable open access models, instead.