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Tandem Initiative

In the Tandem programme two or three speakers of different languages meet up to learn with and from each partner by offering the skills and knowledge each of the other partners wishes to acquire.
n this way, you can improve your communication skills and benefit from the experience of your tandem partner/s, for example in the areas of country and people, occupation, vocational training, education or leisure ...[more]

Kassel Er-leben (Experience Kassel)

Kassel er-leben (Experience Kassel)! Why this programme? It is also misspelt in German, isn't it?
You wish to study and work successfully in Kassel? This is only possible with a clear head! And your head is only clear when you feel comfortable - at the University, in the city, in the foreign environment. Therefore, you need to get to know this new environment, to network with other people and experience interesting and positive things. The more enjoyable and interesting things you experience in this initially foreign environment, the more you will feel "at home." Therefore, we would like to invite you to experience (er-leben!) Kassel six times with us during the semester... [more]