Registration step by step

  1. Please select in the course program (= Kursprogramm Sommersemester 2015 on the German version of the page) a language or non-language-related key skill.
  2. Select your degree program (e.g. "FB07 - Wirtschaftsrecht").
    You are not a student? Please choose "Mitarbeiter*in" (staff) or "Externe Nutzer*in" (guest auditor).
  3. Go to "Entgeltfrei" (free of charge offering) or "Entgeltpflichtig" (fee-based offering).
  4. Select your course and view details.
  5. For registration click "Anmelden" and follow the next steps to register.
  6. Please print confirmation with your registration number and make sure to keep it!
  7. Please take note of our terms and conditions.

  • Is your degree program not listed? or
    Is th
    e budget
    for charge-free courses in your degree program used up? or
    Is your
    personal credit to charge-free courses used up?
    The course does not appear in the listing?

    Please select

    "Studium Plus
    Ist Ihr Studiengang nicht aufgelistet?, oder
    Ist das Budget Ihres Fachbereiches erschöpft?, oder
    Ist Ihr persönliches Guthaben an entgeltfreien Kursen aufgebraucht?, oder
    Der Kurs erscheint nicht in der Auflistung.
    Dann können Sie sich hier entgeltpflichtig anmelden."

    and go on with step 4.

Recognition of courses for your Study Programme

When registering for a course, always select your department and/or institute.

Our database then shows you whether you will receive credits for the course (most often, all courses listed under "Studium International"; however, there are exceptions: some courses from this category are not recognised in terms of ECTS) or whether there is a possibility that you will receive credits (so-called sponsored places  ("Patenplätze"): Here, although the course costs may be covered by the relevant department, the recognition of any course for your study programme is subject to the approval of the examination department of the relevant department/institute). If you want to be absolutely sure that the course is recognised by your department, please ask in your examination department.

Assessment (Prüfungsleistung) is mandatory for all courses at the Language Centre where ECTS are awarded.

Please note: 

- There are strict attendance regulations for our courses. Participants who miss too many classes will not be admitted to any final exam and will not receive any grades or credits.

- At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate from the Language Centre (we send an e-mail to course participants when the departmental office has prepared the certificates) and you can then take your certificate/s to your examination office. The Language Centre itself does not upload any grades to HISPOS!

DSH courses

Please note the dates for DSH exams and DSH courses. Here separate dates apply.

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