25.06.2020 14:18

Article by Schneijderberg, Müller and Götze on Metrification Trends among German academics now available as preprint on SocArXiv

German academics metrify their research outputs although they are not legally asked to do so – a phenomenon which the authors of this paper name "metrification on autopilot". They study the effects of autopilot-metrification in individual academics’ publication behavior on the basis of three surveys covering a time range of more than 25 years.

On the individual level, self-metrification is observed as a trend among all full professors. Among non-full professors, the most metrified publication outputs are produced by academics who have been in their positions for more than 13 years. Accordingly, the socialization into metrified status/reputation-seeking and status/reputation-keeping academic culture seems to take about 12 years. On the organizational level, we observe the metrification autopilot trend on the basis of the correlation between journal articles and HEIs’ policy of strong metrified performance recognition. A glance at the discipline level also shows an observable metrification autopilot trend in the humanities and social sciences with scholars of this desciplines adapting to the peer-reviewed journal publication paradigm of the natural sciences, which is a key driver for transforming science and HEIs into a “socio-calculative environment” (Vormbusch 2012) of valuation, evaluation and valorization.

Schneijderberg, C., Müller, L., & Götze, N. (2020). Is the German Academic Profession on Metrification Autopilot? A Study of 25 Years of Publication Outputs.