24.05.2019 15:31


Andrea Detmer bespricht in ihrer Rezension in der Zeitschrift Higher Education den 2018 erschienen Übersichtsband von Otto Hüther und Georg Krücken "Higher education in Germany—recent developments in an international perspective" (Cham: Springer)

In ihrer ausführlichen Buchbesprechung in der Zeitschrift Higher Education (First Online: 12 May 2019) kommt die Autorin zu dem Schluss:

Overall, the book finely integrates multiple perspectives: intertwined systemic, institutional- and individual-level dynamics, analysed historically through multi-disciplinary conceptual frameworks, grounded on data presented comparatively with relevant countries depending on the subject, and all analysed critically. Hüther and Krücken have crafted then a valuable resource for researchers, policy-makers, and institutional leaders interested in comprehending the German HE system, its current transformations, and the underlying forces driving them.