20.11.2019 14:46

Newly published article by Christian Schneijderberg sheds light on socialization practices of doctoral supervisors

Christian Schneijderberg (2019): “Supervision practices of doctoral education and training”. In: Studies in Higher Education, online first, DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2019.1689384

This article by INCHER member Christian Schneijderberg discusses which characteristics of social behavior and attitudes are embedded in the latent orientation of supervision practices in doctoral education and training? To answer this question the author analyses supervisor–PhD candidate relationships by relying on the socialization theory (Grundmann, M. 2006). 14 supervision practices are used as an empirical example to theoretically reflect on the latent orientations which become manifest in supervision practices. The article shows how the theoretically latent but sometimes actually dominant socialization practices of supervisors geared to the academic community could collide with the development of PhD candidates’ personality, knowledge and skills, and possibly lead to attrition and drop-out of PhD candidates.