03.04.2020 14:46

Presentation by Shweta Mishra and Edith Braum for the GfHf conference available online

Because of the corona pandemic the 5th GfHf annual conference could not took place. An "online conference book" was designed and made publicly available instead. Many presentations are also available as video among them being the presentation by Shweta Mishra and Edith Braun on the " Changing role of higher education in ‘knowledge economy’".

"Changing role of higher education in ‘knowledge economy’: From training and research to increasing employability

by Shweta Mishra (INCHER-Kassel) and Edith Braun (University of Gießen)

Against the background of the shift from the ‘social/societal aspect’ of higher education to ‘economic aspect’ with an emphasis on enhancing ‘skills and competences’ of higher education graduates the objectives of the presentations are: 1) to map the changes in the role of higher education against the political and economic policies with particular focus on the massification of higher education, and; 2) to discuss its implications, in terms of defining and measuring employability gains (skills and competences) of higher education graduates. This is achieved based on a synthesis/review of the literature through Web of Science and Google Scholar.

link to video