Publikationen des INCHER-Kassel


  1. The article by Tim Seidenschnur, Amélia Veiga, Jens Jungblut and António Magalhães shows how different actors in the academic field perceive the challenges that Brexit poses for European higher education.[mehr]

  2. In die Digitalisierung von Lehre und Studium werden große Erwartungen gesetzt und durch die COVID-19 Pandemie hat die Idee einer umfänglichen Digitalisierung der Hochschulen neuen Schub bekommen. Aber sind durch die digitalen...[mehr]

  3. Members of the Showing life opportunities (SLO) team carried out a survey on effects of remote learning during the COVIS-19 quarantine on high school students in Ecuador. Their paper has been publishes by the World Bank: ...[mehr]

  4. Internationale und nationale Entwicklungen offener digitaler Hochschullehre – INCHER-Kassel und das Leibniz Center for Science and Society legen gemeinsame Studie zu MOOCs vor [mehr]

  5. Müller, Lars; Schneijderberg, Christian (2020): The Emergence of the Organizational Academic Profession. Vertical Differentiation of German Universities and the Research-Teaching Nexus. In Higher Education Forum 17 (3), pp. 43–67.[mehr]

  6. Shweta Mishra: Social networks, social capital, social support and academic success in higher education: A systematic review with a special focus on ‘underrepresented’ students. In Educational Research Review. Online first. 17....[mehr]

  7. The article offers a conceptual framework, focusing on the interrelated dynamics of the science system, the state and the university. Krücken, Georg (2019): Multiple Competitions in Higher Education: A Conceptual Approach. In...[mehr]