Kibet, Noah

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Postal Address: 2030 – 20200, KERICHO




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Risk Attitudes Towards Private Standards and Effects on Household Welfare

Abstract of PhD Thesis

Both local and export horticultural markets in Kenya increasingly demand vegetables that are certified under agri-private standards (Global Good Agricultural Products (Global-GAP) and Kenya Good Agricultural Practices (Kenya-GAP)). The markets in the presence of agri-private standards expose farmers to varying degrees of returns and risks. Currently, there is limited knowledge on the link between vegetable farmers’ attitudes toward risks, decisions to comply with private standards and poverty situations. Using data from randomly selected 600 Global-GAP certified and non-certified French beans farmers, the study aims at comparing certified and non-certified farmers’ level of awareness on private standards, comparing risk attitudes of certified and non-certified farmers, determining the effect of risk attitudes on farmer’s decisions to comply with Global-GAP standards, income, observed poverty and farmers’ vulnerability to expected poverty. The study also aims at determining shocks influencing farmers’ vulnerability to expected poverty. The study proposes to use a seven-step adoption model, social experiment, Binary Logit Model and a combination of Foster-Greer-Thorbecke (1984) class of poverty measures and Propensity Score Matching to: determine and compare level of awareness, risk attitudes towards private standards compliance; and establish the income and observed poverty compliance effects respectively. The Vulnerability as Expected Poverty (VEP) approach will be adopted in the determination of vulnerability to expected poverty and the influence of idiosyncratic shocks to poverty. Study findings will help inform policies, projects and programmes that are aimed at promoting compliance with private standards, access to agricultural credit and crop insurance services in order to alleviate poverty among vegetable farmers in Kenya.


  • Prof Job K. Lagat
    Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management
    Egerton University

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Agriculture and International Trade

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Ph.D: on-going - Egerton Univerity



M.Sc. in Agricultural and Applied Economics (Specialized in Agriculture and Trade Policy) - Egerton University, Kenya/University of Pretoria, South Africa


B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics - Egerton University

Professional Experience



Lecturer, Teaching and examining students, University of Kabianga, P.o Box 2030 - 30200 Kericho, Kenya



Assistant Lecturer, Teaching and examining students, Kisii University, P.o Box 408 Kisii, Kenya



Research Officer, To undertake research projects with a view to understanding the socio-economic and policy environment under which the coffee industry operates, Coffee Research Foundation, P.o Box 4 Ruiru, Kenya



Part-time lecturer, Teaching and examining students, Egerton University, P.o Box 536-20115, Egerton, Kenya, Education



Partial Scholarship awarded by African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)/CMAAE to study elective courses under Collaborative Master of Science Degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Pretoria, South Africa


Full PhD scholarship awarded by International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD) and DAAD