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Since the winter term of 2010/2011, the Department of Psychology has offered a teaching program leading to a B.Sc. degree in Psychology. In addition to a broad education in psychological research methods and diagnostics, the courses introduce students to basic areas such as cognitive psychology, psychology of learning and motivation, developmental psychology, the psychology of personality, and social psychology. Applied studies such as industrial, organizational, clinical, educational, and environmental psychology are also included, with students receiving an introduction to applied methods such as counselling and supervision. Overall, the program comprises a balanced curriculum in psychological science that is both problem-oriented and grounded in theory.

In the winter term of 2013/2014, a complementary program was established which leads to a M.Sc. degree in Psychology. Students can, through this route, complete a full university education in psychology at the University of Kassel. Concomitantly, a M.Sc. program in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy was instigated. Students may also achieve a M.Sc. degree in Economics, Psychology, and Management, with this program being taught by staff from both the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Psychology.

In addition, the Department of Psychology participates in teaching aspects of the core curriculum of the teacher’s education program. It is also involved in the instruction of students studying social work. More detailed information about research at the Department of Psychology can be found on the websites of the various working groups:

Cognitive psychology
Developmental psychology
Clinical psychology
Educational psychology
Social psychology
Psychological Assessment
Organisational counselling, supervision, and coaching
Theory and methodology of counselling

Other organisational units (associated with the Institute of Psychology):
Industrial and organisational psychology

Environmental system analysis (environmental psychology)
Business psychology