Godly Play - God in Play

Godly Play Familiarization Day

Would you like to get to know a new approach to religious education in which biblical stories are told and presented in a playful way?

Then come to one of the Godly Play familiarization days that we continuously offer once or twice a year. Through storytelling sessions and conceptual reflections, this day will give you the opportunity to explore the Godly Play approach. This is based on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori and wants to give children (and adults) the opportunity to discover their spirituality and let it grow.

The next familiarization day will be held on Feb. 14, 2023, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.(see course schedule WS 2022/2023). Please register by email to: delia.freudenreich@web.de (also please register online in the course catalog). Attendance at this introduction to Godly Play will be certified and counts as a prerequisite for enrollment in a Godly Play storytelling course. (Also see www.godlyplay.de for more information).

What is Godly Play? - Report viewable on youtube.de

Afterwards, in-depth work phases were designed, centering on the training of one's own narrative competence and the competence to design the exploratory conversation. The study workshop was transformed into a Godly Play room and an intensive and lively working atmosphere prevailed. All participants are looking forward to the second part of the course, which will take place in August.

For further information please contact the staff of the Studienwerkstatt Ev. Theologie.