Study Profile Theological Conversations

Information on the study profile "Theological Conversations"


  • are interested in theological questions.
  • as a religion teacher, you would like to teach religion in a way that is geared to the questions and needs of your students.
  • would like to gain experience and confidence in theological discussion situations in the classroom and beyond.
  • Are open to engaging in dialogue with fellow students about issues of faith.
  • are willing to engage intensively with one or more selected topics of theology from a religious education perspective.

Aim of the study profile

With the study profile "Theological Conversations", the Institute of Protestant Theology offers you the opportunity to focus on religious education in the area of Theological Conversations.


Structure and components of the study profile

The study profile consists of modules that you can complete as part of your regular studies.

  • First, you will fundamentally take the course "Introduction to Religious Education". Here, you will deal with your personal profile of good religious education and get to know the didactic concept of theology for children and young people.
  • In another seminar specifically geared to theological conversations, you will deal with this concept in more detail, learn about quality criteria for good theological conversations, and also deal intensively with personally significant theological questions.
  • In the practice-oriented part of the study profile, you will choose one of three offers for in-depth study. These in-depth courses are thematically oriented towards findings from Carolin Altmann's empirical research on theological conversations in the university context (dissertation).

--> "Theological Conversations and one's own Faith ("Monastery Seminar")

--> "Theological Conversations and one's own ability to talk in the multi-religious context of our society ("Children's Academy World Religions in Dialog")

--> "Theological Conversations in Religious Education ("Research Workshop Theological Conversations")

Four-hour courses are offered for each of these specializations, allowing you to engage in intensive study of Theological Conversations and thus advance your professionalization.

  • Many students choose a topic from the area of the study profile for their academic term paper and deepen their competencies here once again. Some of these academic papers are published in the series "Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendtheologie".
  • Throughout the entire study profile, you will also be accompanied by a portfolio, which you will keep from the beginning and in which you will reflect on all events relevant to the study profile.

Overview of the structure and components of the study profile

Registration for the study profile

You can register for the study profile from the beginning of your teaching degree with the subject of Protestant theology.

To register, fill out the data sheet "Registration for participation in the study profile 'Theological Conversations'" and also write an introductory reflection (~ 1 DIN A4 page) about your motivation to participate in the study profile. You submit both to Prof. Freudenberger-Lötz.


Prof. Dr. Petra Freudenberger-Lötz (Fachgebietsleitung »Religionspädagogik« / Dekanin)

Henschelstraße 2
34109 Kassel (Postanschrift)
34127 Kassel (Besucheranschrift)
Gebäude: K 10, Raum 1135

Completion of the study profile

Since the "Theological Conversations" study profile is intended to accompany you throughout your studies, you will submit all required documentation of the completed components of the study profile only toward the end of your studies.

These include:

  • The portfolio that you have kept throughout the entire study profile (approx. 12 - 15 DIN A4 pages).
  • Proof of all completed and passed religious education modules of your regular studies (preferably via a HISPOS printout or a copy of the corresponding pages of your study book).

Once all documents have been submitted and assessed as "passed" in terms of content / form, you will finally receive a certificate of your completed study profile. The certificate succinctly summarizes the acquired contents and competencies of your study profile.

Series Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendtheologie - ideal for an introduction to the topic

Ms. Freudenberger-Lötz publishes the series "Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendtheologie" at kassel university press. Here you will find numerous opportunities to read into the subject matter. All works in this series are available for free download. They are scientific term papers, dissertations as well as conference documentations on the topic.