State Exam

Information on the First State Examination

Dear students,

We would like to assist you in preparing for and taking your exam in the best possible way.

In the following, you will find information about the academic term paper (exam paper), the exam exam and the oral exam in our Institute of Protestant Theology.

Scientific term paper

If you would like to write a scientific term paper (exam paper) (L1-L3) or a master's thesis (L4) in one of our subject areas, please first consider in connection with which taken specialization module you would like to choose your topic. Then contact the lecturer who offered that module.

Biblical Studies

Prof. Dr. Paul Gerhard Klumbies is your contact person for your academic paper in Biblical Studies.

Religious Education

These staff members of the Department of Religious Education can assist you with your academic term paper: Prof. Dr. Petra Freudenberger-Lötz, Dr. Julia Drube, Dr. Katja Mand, Katharina Gaida. For master theses (L4) Horst Kaufmann is also available.

Systematic Theology

Both Prof. Dr. Kleffmann and Dr. Brandau can guide you during your academic term paper in Systematic Theology.

Church History

Currently not possible

Written exam

With regard to the exam exams, the following regulation will apply from spring 2020:

The exam exams will be written as individual exams, i.e. you will consider a topic on which you would like to write the exam.

Important requirement: Your topic must be examined from two subject perspectives: Biblical Studies - Religious Education/Didactics, Systematic Theology - Religious Education/Didactics, Church History - Religious Education/Didactics.

Both subject perspectives you choose will be weighted equally for the final grade.

Now go to an examiner to sign your examiner request sheet - he/she must of course represent one of the subject perspectives you have chosen: Prof. Dr. Paul Gerhard Klumbies, Prof. Dr. Tom Kleffmann, Dr. Susanne Schuster, Prof. Dr. Petra Freudenberger-Lötz.

In the further course of the semester, you will then discuss your topic in more detail with your first examiner.

Your first examiner, in consultation with the second examiner, will send three questions to the Teaching Academy, one of which will be deleted. You will then select one question from the remaining two on the day of the exam. This question will include both of your chosen subject perspectives.


Oral exams

Biblical SciencesProf. Dr. Paul-Gerhard Klumbies
Religious Education

Prof. Dr. Freudenberger-Lötz, Dr. Julia Drube, Dr. Katja Mand

Church History

Bishop Prof. Dr. Martin Hein

Systematic TheologyProf. Dr. Tom Kleffmann, Dr. Robert Brandau

On the choice of examiners for the oral examination

Choose two examiners from two different theological disciplines for the oral examination. The subject areas represented in Kassel in Protestant Theology are: Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Religious Education.

Consultation hours for the exam

The examiners are available to answer any questions you may have. We try to answer your organizational questions here as best we can, so that you can clarify them in advance of your consultation visit. However, if any questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will, of course, be happy to provide you with help and advice and will be happy to supplement this information in the following. Once the organizational questions have been clarified, there will be more time for the content-related questions or the actual exam preparation.

You should also inquire about exam colloquia. These are offered on a regular basis.

Further assistance

You can also find important assistance on the pages of the State Teacher Examination Office.