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2023UniKassel Transfer/Service Learning: Linguistic Landscape
2022-2023UniKasselTransfer/Service Learning: "Life Stories: A multilingual, multicultural and intergenerational engagement project"
2022- 2023Decentralized QSL project funds, Center for Teacher Education: CoGI - Digital Learning Worlds
2021-2023Centralized teacher education funding: e-learning project "Linguistic Landscapes
2021-2023"Virtual Reality and Multilingualism" as part of the funding procedure "Strengthening University Teaching through Digitization" of the Foundation Innovation in University Teaching with the concept "University of Kassel digital: Redesigning University Teaching"
2021UniKasselTransfer/Service Learning: "Telling stories against the corona blues: A digital adaptation of a multilingual approach to life stories"
2019-2023PER­NE­T2 - P9: More­­ spra­chi­g­ceits­be­zo­­ ge­­ nes Leh­­ rer­han­­ deln im bi­­ lin­­ gua­­ len Sach­­ fach­un­­ ­ ter­­ richt- Pro­­ ­ fes­­ si­o­­ na­­ li­­ them­­ rung to­­ ge­hen­­ the and ak­­ ti­­ ver Lehr­kräf­­ te
2019-2023PRO­NE­T2 - P5: Ver­­ ­ zah­­ nung und Wei­­ ter­en­t­wick­­ lung der Stu­­ di­en­wer­k­­ stät­­ ten zur Lehr-Lern-La­bo­­ ren
2019-2021Central teaching support: E-learning project "Digitization of teaching through teaching videos".
2019Second place at the Hessian University Award for Excellence in Teaching, Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, video clip of the project:
2016-2018Teaching Innovation Competition of the University of Kassel; funding of the project "Cooperative Learning Online: Students from Israel and Germany working together"
2015International Travel Award from the "Literacy Research Association (LRA), International Research on Literacy Teaching and Teacher Education Study Group" at the 65th LRA Annual Conference "Literacy, Equity, Imagination" in Carsbad, California, USA.
2013-2014Teaching Innovation Competition of the University of Kassel together with Prof Dr. C. Pflüger; funding of the project "Bilingual Teaching and Learning - A Competence-Oriented Professionalization­Model for Student Teachers of Languages (English, French, Spanish) and History as a Subject"
2012-2014Teaching Innovation Competition of the University of Kassel: funding of the project "A competence-oriented professionalization model for English teacher trainees aiming at strategy-based literacy skills"
2010Finalist for Ars Legendi Award for excellent university teaching, final round
2008Ideas Award of the Körber Foundation for the contribution "Teaching the Power to Empower, The ABCs Model: A Catalyst for Intercultural Learning and Teaching" in the context of the call for proposals USable on the topic" Empowerment. Empowering People" (together with Dr. Eva Wilden)
2005DAAD Scholarship: Turkish-German Socrates/ Erasmus Seminar from 5-10.11.2005 in Istanbul, Ankara, Turkey.
2004Award of the International Committee of the National Reading Conference (NRC), USA. 54th Annual Meeting.
2003DAAD Scholarship Warsaw
2001Award of the "Multicultural Issues Committee" of the National Reading Conference" at the "51st Annual Meeting" of the American National Reading Association on December 4, 2001: "This honor is a way for the organization to recognize Prof. Finkbeiner's line of literacy research and show its commitment to her membership in the NRC."
1997Göttingen Prize for Foreign Language Acquisition Research for "empirically pedagogically sovereign, methodologically exemplary dissertation," Language Teaching Center University of Göttingen and Language Working Group.
1996-1997Habilitandenstipendium of the German Research Foundation (DFG).
Since 1995Annual research fellowships of the DFG to international congresses in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Canada.
1994-1996Postdoctoral fellowship: Research Training Group "Didactics of Foreign Understanding" at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Speaker: Prof. Dr. Lothar Bredella (funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG)
1992Stuttgart Prize, Ernst-Klett-Schulbuchverlag for innovative conception for foreign language teaching, awarded at the FMF Federal Congress 1992 in Freiburg.
1990-1993Scholarship for doctoral studies and for doctoral studies by the Ministry of Science and Art and the Ministry of Education and Sports, Baden-Württemberg: Program for the Promotion of Young Academics at the Universities of Education in Baden-Württemberg.